Memory has been working in the hip hop music scene in his hometown of Madison, WI for over a decade. He is not only a producer, but also an emcee and dj. He has worked as a session musician playing guitar on various tracks by well known artists which include, Young Jeezy, Lil Chuckee and Gucci Mane to name a few.

Memory competed in the "Feel the Beat" beat battle competitions in Madison, WI. In 2007, he won 1st place in the battle. The battle was judged by Rsonist of the Heatmakers and Extreme, another multi-platinum producer who has produced for rappers such as, Ghostface Killer and Raekwon.

Memory is producer for Isodynamics, a hip hop band which includes local rapper TheLiquidForm. Together, they have performed with various acts including, Mac Lethal, Blueprint, Ryan Lewis, Mr. Dibbs, Qwel and Maker, Jedi Mind Tricks as well as local artist, DJ Pain 1. Memory as a DJ has opened for Bone Thugs and many local artists.

Today, Memory is working on a number of projects including solo material which will begin being released this year, 2012. He is currently working with local electro/pop/rap group Starpersons, as one of their producers. He also plays the sampler in the band.

A remix album by Felicia Alima is scheduled for release in March produced entirely by Memory. The album includes artists such as Big Sloan and Layzie Bone as well as other local artists Dierra and Yella.

Memory strives to be not just a musician, but also an educator of the arts. He hopes to gain a following of not just fans, but students who share an affinity for hip hop music.

His style has been described as conscious, dark and vivid. The beats he creates range from classic hip hop to backpacker to mainstream. He is versatile and can mold or shape his music to fit the artists he produces for.